Some Cheeky News

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chee•ky (chē’-kē) adj. : definitively bold; impudent and saucy

I am SO excited to share that I am taking this show on the road- I am now a featured contributor over at Cheeky Chicago!

Cheeky is an online lifestyle magazine designed to connect the bold, fun and fabulous women of Chicago with exciting happenings all over the city and content to inspire you to be your cheekiest self.

My first article is an interview with life-pro Allie LeFevere who is helping women all over the world live their best lives. It went live this morning and you can check it out here.

I will, of course, be posting here daily but keep an eye on Cheeky Chicago as I will be popping up from time to time over there too! I am so appreciative of this blogging and writing community that has so graciously allowed me to share my words- thank you so much for reading.

Lots of love and Cheeky’ness,



Chicago Booth Magazine & Women Leaders

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I am not in finance, I didn’t go to Booth but I loved this article about 5 women who are making big waves as leaders in the corporate finance world. It’s inspiring in that I want to know what strong women leaders are up to, how they got there, what inspired their belief in themselves because it’s only going to help me navigate my own choices. That and I’m a sucker for any story that starts with “No one else was like me or doing what I did” and ends with “so I did it anyway”.

As this NY Mag piece on The Shine Theory says “True confidence is infectious” and I want to soak that in, whether it’s from the pages Chicago Booth magazine or the outstanding women in my life. Well done, all of you…and thank you.

Women’s World Cup Flashback

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Fresh off of today’s heartbreaking USA loss in the Women’s World Cup, I can’t help but think of the game back in 1999.

I was 14 years old and obsessed with the US’s Women’s World Cup team.  Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain, Michelle Akers were the deal- their posters were on my bedroom walls and their incredible skill was the inspiration for the coaching my dear ol’ Dad tried to impart on me in my youth league soccer games.

That year, my parents took me to see part of the World Cup that was at Soldier Field in Chicago (I know- soccer AND Chicago.  I was pretty much beside myself my brace-faced self).  Aside from how cool it was to be at Soldier Field banging those stick-noise maker thingys together cheering on my freakin’ country, there was something so valuable about that team as an adolescent…like, wow- I can do anything if I make a choice and work hard enough at it.  I could play pro soccer!  I could be president!  I could live in this city!  I just have to pick and work my tail off!

Playing pro-soccer is not in the cards today but watching the 2011 Women’s World Cup team reminded me of my childhood dream team and how much possibility they represented both then and now.  I am so grateful for women rocking it out on the international stage and I am willing to bet that there were a few more 14 year old girls who dreamed some big dreams while watching that game today.