Snow. Again.

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Owen + Alchemy 58

I think that snow yesterday nearly pushed everyone over the edge. I walked out of a meeting to find two more inches, on top of the 4 that had fallen overnight, on my car and nearly cried. A week ago it was 73 degrees and I was walking outside in a t-shirt; now I was back in my winter coat using a snow scraper. Yuck.

I absolutely play favorites when it comes to juice bars and Owen + Alchemy is it. Their product is so diverse and unique, their packaging is great (I reuse the glass bottles all the time) and their people know more about whole ingredients and the health benefits than anyone I have ever met. Little juice doctors, I say!

So to fight my anger about the snow storm, I drove to Logan Square to pick out a few juices to get me through the week. On deck this morning: #58. Organic coffee, raw almond and cashew, maca, vanilla bean and maple syrup. The combination of these gorgeous bottles being so good for me and such a treat really hits the spot on what I need to make it through this chilly week. Because every day can’t be a butter cake day (see previous post).

Stay warm out there, friends!

Worst Winter in the Nation???

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The blizzard that blanketed the city a month into 2011 isn’t even a distant memory and forecasters are already predicting that this winter will hit us with “colder then normal temperatures and nearly twice the normal amount of snowfall”.

Awesome.  Thanks for the good news.

Better get out there today and enjoy this AMAZING weather while we can- being Chicagoans, we know that these are the days that we’ll be dreaming about come February.

Read the full, pessimistic article on Chicago’s next winter here.

Plan B

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To say the weather is starting to get to me is the understatement of the century.  I’m as sick as the next girl of wearing my Hunter boots every single day but when I went into the bedroom last night to show Ryan 7 different exotic (read: expensive) travel destinations that I ranked in order of “We should book a flight” to “We must get on a plane within the next 5 minutes”, I knew I needed a Plan B.

Plan B?  Heading to see my Grandmother in Florida in two weeks.  I just booked my flight.  I’m hoping that a few days with my darling Gi and then a few days on the beach at my parents condo will cure whatever cabin fever/stir craziness I have going on.

If not, I will be changing the name of this blog from “Just a Chi Town Girl” to “Reasons Why This Weather Sucks”.

Here’s hoping…

Weather Woes

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When I left work last night, I was greeted by thunder, lightening, and a torrential downpour.  I was soaked by the time I ran the 10 feet into a waiting cab.

Yes, it’s late April.  Yes, temperatures have dropped over 50 degrees since that glorious Sunday.  And yes, I have now gotten exactly 5 months of use out of my winter coat.

Chicago, you’re making it so hard to love you right now.

Dreaming of days like this…