The King Would Be Proud

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After a successful (and fast, might I add) Elvis is Alive 5k, it was time to sit on the grass, drink a 312, listen to an Elvis tribute band and mutter repeatedly “How gorgeous is it out tonight?” because it really, really was.

High five to Fleet Feet Sports for putting on another great race- these people know how it’s done and the Elvis is Alive 5k is one for the books.

Green City Market Love

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The Green City Market is possibly my favorite thing on the planet.  My deal with myself is that I bring a $20 and then that’s it- it’s not cheap farm fresh goods but going from vendor to vendor, sampling raspberries and cheese, smelling fresh herbs and seeing tomatoes in all colors of the rainbow is just to awesome to pass up.

Today, we met this guy:

Paul Friday, creator if Flamin’ Fury peaches.  Paul made genetic crosses of different peaches and eventually created the best peaches in the world.  I’m not kidding you- I have never tasted a peach like this before.  The name “Flamin’ Fury” is from his two red headed grandchildren…one of whom has grown up and was working alongside her grandfather this morning.  So cool!

Flamin’ Fury peaches, Green City Market, mint-infused chamomile tea, 2 puppy spottings.  Chicago summer Saturdays…it doesn’t really get any better.

Downtown Sound: Iron and Wine

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Tonight: Downtown Sound’s New Music Mondays.

Kicking off the week with Iron and Wine sounds like a plan to me.  Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine, some snacks and head to Millennium Park- I promise you won’t regret an evening spent listening to free music with a sparkle-y city as a backdrop.

Millennium Park, ready to rock.

Memorial Day: Slowing Down to Speed Up

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After doing big things in the gray and cold of Saturday (10 mile run and Cubs game), we were more than happy to have our Memorial Day be about little pleasures enjoyed in the Monday heat.  Aka, a walk that didn’t take us further than the Michigan Avenue DuSable Bridge.

Recently, I’ve fallen in love with the Adirondack chairs placed perfectly along the river- I can’t think of a better spot to read a book/stare at the buildings/boat and people watch.

Ryan and I have a big summer ahead of us; I know that when things get hectic, I’m going to think back to Memorial Day and the time we took to be still amidst the frenzy of a summered city.

A memorial day, indeed.

Best Rooftop Bars in Chicago c/o Refinery 29

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Refinery29 has come out with a High and Mighty list of the best rooftop bars in Chicago.  It’s been warm for 3 days so far (unless you count that 50 degree downpour business this morning- in that case, reset the clock) and we’re already banking on boozing above ground level.  That’s just how Chicago rolls.

Definitely looking forward to checking a few of these out this summer!