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Weekend highlights pictured include the biggest piece of lasagna in the world c/o Rose Angelis, receiving the first gift from our wedding registry, dinner at the Halloween’ified Hubbard Inn and turning our time at Bub City into a game night with a large side of singing country music at the top of our lungs (and of course, the fried pickles). Not pictured (what can’t be pictured, really) is how darn good it was to have some of our best friends in town for the weekend. It was a blast showing them some things we love about our city and nothing beats having face time with people you love. So whether it was catching up sitting in our living room while devouring pastries from Beatrix, belly laughing over tots and football at our favorite neighborhood bar or walking down the street talking exclusively in hash tags, it was one of my very favorite weekends. I wish they lived closer but I am so grateful for the in-person celebrating we got to do, even if the time went way too fast.

Mid-Week Reprieve

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Last night called for a mid-week date and, after running into a business contact and her friend who writes for Eater, fried pickles. I mean, when a food writer says order the fried pickles, you order the fried pickles. A few cocktails with a co-worker of Ry’s and his darling girlfriend, some country music and a dash to the nearest cab for a 4 block ride in the pouring rain made for an unexpected and fun Wednesday night. And to think that all I had on the agenda was Modern Family and vegan ice cream…