Plant Strong Day 6

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For Day 6 of my Plant Strong challenge, I put my trip to the Green City Market to use.  I thought it was ambitious for a Monday night meal but it ended up being super easy and super delicious.

On the menu?  Roasted blue potatoes and asparagus with a grilled portobello on whole grain sourdough bread.

I layered the blue potatoes and asparagus in a pan with whole cloves of garlic and drizzled just a little bit of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and sea salt- bake for 13 minutes.

Then I grilled the portobello mushroom cap in a pan with sun-dried tomatoes and balsamic for about 7 minutes.  One piece of whole wheat sourdough bread and some organic butter lettuce later and I had a nice little open-faced sammie.

The thing I am learning in this challenge is that the smallest bit of planning goes a long way.  Instead of just coming home and popping the first thing I see in the microwave, I’m pausing and really thinking about if what I’m putting in my body is aligned with my Plant Strong goals.  And since my fridge is stocked with tons of fresh veggies and whole foods, it’s pretty easy!

As always, please send any recipes you love my way!

First Green City Market Visit of the Season

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Excuse the less-than-stellar quality pictures but this morning was my first Green City Market experience of the season!

My friend Bridget sent me a text last night with the offer of yoga followed by a trip to our local, sustainable farmer’s market.  That, by definition, is my version of a perfect Saturday morning so cold weather be damned- I grabbed my yoga mat and reusable shopper and headed up to Lincoln Park.

Not much is in season yet but I did score some blue potatoes, a yellow tomato, asparagus, and a big portobello mushroom cap.

Did you even know BLUE potatoes existed?  I sure didn’t but I’m thinking roasting them with a little olive oil and rosemary is just the ticket.

Also, one farmer had the loveliest assortment of cream, blue and GREEN eggs!

Yoga and the Green City Market– I smell a Saturday morning ritual coming on…