Once Upon a Time

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I’m in Atlanta for my best friend’s wedding, which means getting ready in the most gorgeous suite I have ever seen, the bride spontaneously happy clapping every 2 minutes and time spent with some people I love, love, love.

Oh, and it also means this:


Twisted Mac & Cheese. The bride’s favorite place is the Hard Rock Cafe so we celebrated last night with the most lively waitstaff on the planet, music, and twisted Mac. So much fun.

It is so beautiful to be around such genuine joy and celebration. Everything about this weekend has been so authentically this couple and as a result, fun, easy going and enjoyable. This is one incredibly special couple and I am 100% confident that this Once Upon a Time will result in a Happily Ever After.

Days Like Today Are My Best Friend

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Luna Bell faked an injury, Ryan had to submit a last minute job app, we got on a bus that did not take us on Inner Lake Shore but all the way up to freaking Belmont…to say we got a late start to the day is an understatement.  But we finally made it to the Green City Market, finally got an order of apple cider donuts and finally had some coffee.

And then we looked up.

It is Fall.  So perfectly, crisply Fall.

Lincoln Park was packed with people with sweaters and jackets on.  Babies were bundled to a fault, and there was a lot more hugging and snuggling going on- it’s cold, people gotta stay warm!

We walked all the way home, holding hands and our bags filled to the brim with straight from the farm goodness.

Days like today are my best friend.