Hi Neighbor

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Hi Neighbor

There is a darling older gentleman who sits on a porch swing a few blocks from my house. He often wears a military ball cap, one of those hats with the tall top that signifies details of how and where he served, and there’s always a big American flag flying, jutting out from the front porch post like proud declaration. I give him a wave and a “good morning/afternoon” as I pass; if I wave large enough, he will give me a nod but more often than not, he keeps on (presumably, I hope) enjoying his day on his swing.

Of course, it’s too cold for him to be out there right now but I noticed this sign as I passed by yesterday.

Hi Neighbor. Thanks for the salute and God Bless.

The nails on the sign are still shiny so I presume it’s new. I could see him opening the sign as a Christmas gift, perhaps from a son or daughter who noticed on their visits all the people making a point to wave to our neighborhood’s proud but silent veteran. I could see them going outside to drill into the cold brick and step back to admire their handiwork, a note to the community that even if it’s not acknowledged in the moment, the time taken to salute this gentleman is appreciated.

There may be no accuracy as to my daydream about how that sweet sign came to be but the point remains: keep waving. Keep saluting. You never know when a small gesture might have a big impact.

Giving Thanks Week 11

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70. Surprises. The arrival of my first Alex and Ani bracelet c/o my co-friend Layne was the nicest Friday surprise!


71. Great Customer Service. I’m not saying I need a delivery of a cheese plate and wine every time I check in a hotel but I am saying it’s a really nice touch.


72. Sunrises. A reminder that there’s always a new start, literally just beyond the horizon.


73. Homemade bread. Proof that you really can make something out of nothing.


74. The promise of Spring. I bought these wedges with the good faith belief that since I have opened toed shoes to wear, Spring will come immediately. Verdict if this will actually work is still out.

75. Mariano’s. The best grocery store of all time. I miss living in the Lakeshore East neighborhood and going almost every day but my weekly Friday walk over to do my shopping is now seriously one of my favorite parts of my week.

76. Our Armed forces. 10 years ago today was the start of the Iraq war. I am so grateful for those who have served our country, anytime, anywhere.