Piccolo Sogno Due and date night

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You guys. Piccolo Sogno Due. Go. Immediately.

Short story long: Ryan and I were in desperate need of a legit date night. One that didn’t involve using Seamless.com or cooking at home because we were too lazy to shower. So we snagged a 9pm reservation, I threw on my Manolos, Ry actually shaved and there we were- on a real, live date.

Piccolo Sogno Due is Italian with a focus on seafood, which was exactly what we were craving. Simple, fresh food, incredible wine list (drank a bottle from the region I lived in Italy, Le Marche!) and for as much as Ryan loved his veal, I must say that the house made squid ink spaghetti with shrimp, huge clams, mussels and calamari in a light-as-air sauce that I ordered was the winner of that meal. Perfectly cooked and date-worthy- not heavy at all.

Toward the end of our meal, it started pouring. It turns out, the rain was the perfect excuse to order cappuccinos and split a cannoli, served with a side of candied figs and oranges.

Life has been moving at this break-neck speed lately. My relationship comes first, our little family comes first but it is hard, at times, to be sure you’re living your priorities every day. I am proud of the sweet moments we have been able to sneak in but Saturday night, making a point to sit down, enjoy great food and wine and talk about things that matter and some that don’t…well, it was special.

Moral of the story: Piccolo Sogno Due is the bees knees, I love wine, real cappuccino is 100 times better than the crap at Starbucks and taking the time to put on the big girl shoes to enjoy a date with my main squeeze is always worth it.

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