On gluten-free beer, cheese curds and friendship

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We shot up to Milwaukee this weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday. His sweet girlfriend arranged the entire surprise weekend and the itinerary was, um…ambitious. All sorts of awesome but any day that starts with a brewery tour then on to a ball game to a darts tournament to a steak house…you get my point. Lots of water, lots of pacing ourselves, lots and lots of fun.

The box of donuts from Dinkel’s we contributed to the road trip was the first win of the day but arriving for our tour at Lakefront Brewery to find they brew a gluten-free beer was the second. The third was discovering that this New Grist is outstanding- super light, refreshing and smooth. By the end of the tour, our entire group had switched over to it and these are a hops and wheat loving bunch.

Related: I love tours. Let me follow you around, tell me things, teach me something new…I love tours.

Also related: I really enjoy Milwaukee. Great beer, great coffee, cheese curds, a gorgeous ballpark and best of all, my friends who I love in Chicago getting out of dodge together to bring our buddy to (near) tears over his surprise birthday. High five, land o’cheese, high five.


(Cubs win!)

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