Oh, Christmas Tree

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(Please excuse the incredibly generic post title–I couldn’t get beyond humming  “Oh, Christmas Tree” when writing this.)

I had all of these romantic notions of Ryan and I driving to the country (aka the Suburbs), finding a tree farm, chopping down a Christmas tree, strapping it to the top of the car, bringing it back to the city and decorating it while drinking hot cocoa.  Instead, we walked down the block to a bar, looked around the makeshift tree lot, shoved “the chosen one” in the back of my Volkswagen Bug and decorated it while drinking Mild Winter.  Oh and I accidentally bought icicle lights so we had to finagle them around to look normal.   But in the end, we have a beautiful, fragrant tree and Luna Bell has not knocked it over.  Yet.  I was so happy to be in my cozy apartment last night, looking at a sparkling tree, snuggled up with 2 people (well, a person and a cat) that I love.

Without going all Hallmark on you, that’s what the holidays mean to me–whatever religion, whatever traditions, whatever gifts, the holidays are about being with people you love.  I feel so blessed to be spending time with people I love in the next month.  My mom was here for Thanksgiving, Ry and I decorated the tree last night, my Dad and Kari (and Kalia and Ken!) are coming this weekend, Up North w/ the Neinas & Lambert crew for the Young wedding, my BFF at Brooklyn Bagel, the Christmas Eve klan…I don’t care what I do in the next month, I am just so, so happy for the wonderful people I’ll be doing it with.

Yes, that is a North Pole village behind my tree.  Yes, I have been collecting it since I was 12 because, apparently, I have been 60 years old since I was born.

High Five of the Day: The Christkind at the Christkindlmart in Daley Plaza.   Until I googled this, I thought she was the Christmas Queen and I wanted that job (I love hugging and posing for pictures!) but I just found out she was chosen for this when she was 18 years old in her hometown in Germany.  So high five to her–she was so nice and friendly and gold.  Everyone should check out the Chriskindlmart and have some spiced wine while ornament shopping.

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  1. Rebecca

    I love reading your blogs you’re so inspiring Nina I just love you!!!! I hope that when you’re in town we can meet for a quick(well not that I want it to be quick but I know you have tons to do:) coffee. Happy Holidays 🙂

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