New November

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Why, hello there November!

I have never been so abundantly grateful for a month to be over in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, October had some great aspects, mostly professional (rocked out in the job-esphere in October) but real talk, October was effing hard. Big life decisions, so busy there was hardly time to think and hammering out pros and cons via Skype…sweet goodness, November is like one big sigh of relief.

Ryan took a new job is Chicago so we’re here to stay- a decision that had us putting all of cards/plans for our life on the table, sorting through them, making decisions, second guessing those decisions, making new ones, all while in 2 different cities. Pushing it right down to the wire, a decision was made and that decision was home sweet home Chicago. Thank God.

Moral of the story, as told to me by a colleague who I could not respect more: Be happy first, the rest of the stuff will work itself out.

She was so right and I am so grateful.

New November, new year (first day of being 27 today!), new beginnings.

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