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baked oatmeal

Unless you happen to be on a tropical island this week (and if so, please send for me), these sub-zero temps are announcing winter in a big way. This baked oatmeal helps.

While you are keeping cozy and warm this week, check out this You & Yoga podcast featuring Jacki Carr. It is fantastic AND an indoor activity- double win.

Also an indoor activity: free days at The Museum of Science & Industry.

Between this article about the things Americans can learn from Italians and the Instagram feed “What Italy Is”, I am dying to go back to Italy. Red wine will have to suffice for the time being.

I have been taking refuge from the cold at hot yoga (Om on the Range is amazing) and every time I hit my mat, all I can think is “I am just here for savasana.” I need this shirt.

This yoga event at Thalia Hall looks awesome. And instructor Wade Gotwals is awesome so tickets should definitely be procured.

Webster’s Wine Bar is being rebirthed into Harry’s Velvet Room, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Do you save your fancy candles/lotions for…ever? I loved this Shauna Niequist post about how this is the year to burn the candles.


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