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fall chi

Walking over to Liz and Shay’s for our weekly Friday morning coffee/Oprah/gab session, I got caught up in a windy, whirly tunnel of leaves.  I didn’t get my camera out in time to catch it but this was the scene–bright yellow leaves, street lamps still on, a Halloween scene if I’ve ever seen one.  It’s oddly warm here today, which adds to the Halloweeny’ness.  This time of year has always been one of my favorites.  My birthday is close to Halloween so my Mom would throw me these awesome Halloween themed parties, I would dress as something the other kids had no idea about (what 5th grader is Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With The Wind for Halloween, really?) and my Dad would take me Trick or Treating, helping me strategize which houses to hit up for the most candy (he felt it had to do with speed).  And even though my parents would try to ruin my life by making me wear my snow suit under my costume because back then it would usually snow by Halloween, there was always a magic about Halloween that I loved.

Trolley this Saturday for Halloween.  I feel it will be different from the trolley for my 11th birthday.  No booze or friends dressed as the Kiss army on that trolley.

High Five of the Day: There is this house near the corner of Racine and Diversey that is decked out for Halloween.  Big metal cutouts of witch silhouettes with lights behind them in the front yard, spider webs, cauldrons, and at night, they turn on blue lights in their living room. Anyone who is willing to have all that crap those decorations in their yard and sit in a blue space for a month all for the sake of Halloween festiveness deserves a high five.

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  1. Holly H.

    My parents tried to ruin my life by making me wear a snowsuit too.

    Convo circa 1991
    Mom: “But Dorothy WOULD have worn a snowsuit under her gingham dress if Kansas and/or Wonderful World of Oz had snow.”
    Holly, age 6: “…Oz doesn’t have snow, that’s why it’s wonderful. I’m moving south as soon as I’m old enough.”

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