Gratitude Week 17

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Fearlessness. My little buddy J takes swim lessons and his mom invited me to tag along this week. For 30 minutes, J and his little friends play games in the water with their adult (parent or nanny), putting their heads under water, kicking, splashing, jumping off the edge. Aside from the can’t-even-handle-it cuteness, what struck me the most was the fearlessness these kiddos had. Under the water they went and there was no doubt that they were going to find their way up to the top. They reacted to the water with such sheer instinct, it was incredible.

My mom told me that J’s age group, the under 2 years old set, are the ones who know fearlessness, who experience their environment on instinct. It’s as we grow older that fearlessness is replaced by panic. It got me thinking about how often I react from a place of fear and panic and how rare those moments of instinct are in the adult world. I think I want to be like J and paddle my little hands, knowing 100% that they’ll find their way to the top of the water. I am grateful for fearlessness…and the inspiration that little people can bring us.

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  1. Maggie Bieritz

    Or maybe … just maybe … we feel the fear, but dive in anyway. There’s brilliance in adulthood – knowing the fear, and not letting it stop us. (Which totally explains why I learned to swim in January 2012, at age 45. Yes, ma’am.)

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