Giving Thanks: Week 2

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This week, I’m thankful for:

7. The generosity of strangers. I was in the suburbs for work on Thursday and needed a snack before a meeting. The boy bagging my groceries (which was totally unnecessary, all I bought was a bottle of water and container of fruit) walked around to hand them to me (again, super nice and unnecessary) and produced a long stemmed rose and said “This is for you.” I was so surprised; people are nice! They want to make you smile! Snap out of your shit and notice! What a great reminder. I hope he did that for others because it sure made my day.

8. A healthy body. I ran outside yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks and I was so grateful for legs and lungs that allowed me to get a good sweat in.

9. French Press coffee

10. Home cooked meals and leftovers.

11. Fresh laundry, still warm from the dryer.

12. A Ravens victory. I’m grateful for this because I like seeing Ryan happy and Ryan is happy when his hometown team wins.

13. Business meetings with people I can’t wait to see. I had 3 of those this week and every time, I gave mad thanks that I get to partner with people I enjoy spending time and discussing ideas with.

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