Foundation of Any Relationship

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This made me laugh. I think it’s kinda true.

You know what I like? Yoga, fashion blogs, weird vegan food, smiling and high end skin care.

Ryan likes steak, America, being a Republican, The League and his new deep fryer.

And you know, we somehow make it work. Because while I am struggling with the fact that the Southern Republican Presidential Debate is on our tv right now, we can both agree that we don’t like Newt’s shirt (cream? You made $3.1 million last year, hire a stylist). We both dislike chain restaurants. We roll our eyes at each other every time we see a small dog. Or people on rollerblades. We hate going west of Ashland (despite constantly saying we “need” to go to Bucktown). We hate Ryan’s old roommates and people who take up the entire sidewalk when walking (no, your party of 11 cannot walk side by side).

Sure, we have shared interests and hobbies. But when push comes to shove (or when Ryan wants to deep fry my seitan), it’s a good thing we’re both opinionated enough to find common ground in stuff we hate together.


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