Extremely Disappointed Animals

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“This sloth kinda feels like you should update your blog more frequently.”

Ughhhhh, sloth…I know, I know.

I have been totally lamesauce on here lately, I know. Every time I go to write, I scold myself for the x amount of days it’s been since I last posted and then I wonder if I have anything to say and then I decide that not writing at all is better than writing something stupid.

Which is wrong. So wrong.

If the only time people created was when they were confident they had something outstanding or groundbreaking to communicate, I think the world would be absent a lot of amazing art. I am not saying this little blog ‘o mine is art, by any means, but I am saying that I am working on whatever is causing me to be such a stick in the mud about blogging.

Confidence issues, time, the fact that all of the country music playing where I am on a work trip is making me want to claw my eyes out…

In the mean time, click here for more animals that are extremely disappointed in you. It’s really funny.

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