Extreme Craving

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In the last 2 years or so, something weird has happened. Not in a bad way necessarily but I have noticed strong feelings where normally a no or a yes would have sufficed before. Chalk it up to getting older and knowing more of what/who I want in my life or less tolerance for what I don’t, my expressions of these feelings have gotten more…dramatic.

Example: “No, I don’t want to do that” is now “I would rather die than ______.” “Sure, yes.” is “OMG, I simply must do that thing immediately, it is the best thing in the history of all of the things!”.

This morning, that thing is Paris.

I literally woke up craving Paris.

The honeymoon stoked my wanderlust in a big way. Daydreaming of strolling along the Seine, the leaves turning in the little park behind Notre Dame, cold champagne, cheese, and reading under the Eiffel Tower while eating macarons (obviously) is making me so happy this morning. And making me itch to book a flight.

The good thing about wanderlust is I think it’s contagious. When I shared my overly dramatic need to get to Paris, that sweet guy I married was pretty amenable to the discussion. The man didn’t demand we board the next flight (best case scenario) but perhaps it’s an anniversary trip next June (I’ll live).

If I have a glass of champagne soon, I think my craving can wait until then.

Update: my best friend just emailed me and is wearing the shoes today that she wore when ascending the Eiffel Tower in the rain. She rarely wears them but was thinking of Paris this morning so she put them on. Travel memories and Paris for the win today!

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