Eastern Market- Crepe Love

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Hey there, best crepe in the world here.

I had this little gem yesterday morning at the Eastern Market in DC.  With the mad love for the Green City Market, I wanted to see how it’s done in another city.  Our friends rave about the crepes that are apparently so good that the large line is worth it- right, right they were!  This peach/blueberry/blackberry and sweet cheese crepe was really, really delicious and it was so much fun chowing down on it while wandering through the rest of the market filled with fresh farm goods and homemade art and crafts.  Ryan opted for a traditional strawberry-banana-nutella crepe and was finished before I could even get a bite if that’s any indication of how much he loved his crepe.  I haven’t had a crepe since I was in Paris- where do you even get them in Chicago?

Saturday morning in DC= success.

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