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Last week, in a nutshell:

– Started a new role within my company.
– Woke up on my first day with an epic head cold that lasted all week; seriously the worst I have felt in years.
– Learned tons…I think that not only am I going to be able to do this job but do it well.
– Recovered from my cold in time for a quick visit from my mom.
– Attended RPM Italian’s grand opening party (more on that later)
– Was über surprised when my co-worker’s threw me a “congrats on the new job” party at Paris Club.

These last 6 days were the longest I have ever gone without blogging. The week was such a blur of learning, traveling, and celebrating and I am kind of glad I let it all happen without much introspection. It was good, exciting really.

Today, I have some time to catch my breath, reflect, and enjoy the sunshine that is currently making my apartment so warm that we have to open the windows. Not bad for a day in late February, huh?

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