Call Your Grandmother

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I called my grandmother a few days ago, just to say hello and tell her I love her. I don’t do it often enough these days; I let my worry over if she can hear me or if she is having a clear day or, to be honest, being busy with my own things get in the way which I realized is entirely bullshit the moment she answered the phone. Just hearing her voice made me cry. Here she is, 96 years old, and asking specifically how my trip to LA was, how Ryan is doing, if we have settled in to the new condo…it is just amazing- I have zero expectation of her remembering anything, she’s 96 for crying out loud.

I think her voice has sounded the same since I was a child. It was so good to hear it. Her voice is something I don’t have to miss yet.

When I hung up the phone, I thanked God for my darling, thoughtful, kind hearted grandmother…and looked up to see this church. Noted: call (and tell!) the people you love if for no other reason than you love them.

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