An Ode to the FitBit

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I cannot believe I haven’t written this post already. In the almost year since I have had my FitBit, I have become some sort of a crazed evangelist. I pretty much tell everyone I run into about my love for the Bit and I am feeling a little stingy about not telling you yet.


Basically, last June, despite thinking I was super active, I realized I…wasn’t. I worked out once a day but with much time spent on conference calls or in airports, I was actually not moving for a large portion of my day. Tied to his desk until all hours of the night, Ryan felt the same way. So to the Apple store to procure some FitBits. I figured it was just a pricey pedometer.

Oh no. No no.

The FitBit has changed how we spend our time. Instead of sitting down when we are done with work, we get out for a walk- we need our steps to hit our daily goal! We get up in the mornings to get activity in before work and instead of waiting at the gate for my flights, I walk. It’s incredible how many steps I can get in an hour looping Midway! I download podcasts so I can learn something while out for my walks and I log my workouts as well so they contribute to my daily activity. I don’t usually log my food intake but I do log water to keep me mindful of being hydrated.

Ryan and I have both lost weight with our Bits but more to the point, we are making being healthy and active a priority and spending time together in the process. Win-win. It’s really great and it’s fun having a shared goal- get out and get moving!

My Dad has always said that it doesn’t matter if you run or walk, it’s getting the miles under your feet that matters and he is spot on. Sure, I still run but if I don’t feel like it, it’s not an all or nothing thing- I can still head out for a walk. And Chicago, my goodness, is a pretty great place for copious amounts of walking.

And that’s what I think about that. FitBit forever.

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  1. Holly H.

    The barista at Starbucks asked if I worked for Fitbit after she asked me, “How do you like your Zip?” I was a bit enthusiastic…

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