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1. I had more fun than I probably should have cooking/baking (and blaring the show-tunes) on Friday. Cookies, French onion soup, turkey meat loaf, all in the oven when Ryan got home so we could have a cocktail, sit and talk. Such a change from our usual Friday “sushi takeout or Whole Foods” dilemma. Thank goodness Holly and I have “our new thing” and more cooking will be on the agenda!


2. The Chicago Marathon was yesterday! Ryan and I made a quick coffee run, brought the comforter out on the porch (38 degrees, brrr!) and watched the runners on the first leg of the race. We met neighbors in the process and it was one big cheering, clapping, coffee toasting city-hood party! Congrats to the runners, you should be so proud!


3. Was today the perfect fall day or was today the perfect fall day? I enjoyed a walk (errr, run?) on a hill by the lake with the short pockets in orange in this photo and his Mama. Between the time with a friend, squeals of joy from a toddler tripping over his own two feet and warm sunshine, it was the very best use of a very best fall afternoon.


4. It’s Chicago Idea Week which means tons of TED-style talks at a fraction of the price (most tickets are $15 as opposed to, say, a $8k registration fee). I am considering Disruptive Innovation and maybe the fashion one on Saturday. Get your tickets here.


5. Raise your hand if you need this Hot Tug. Yeah, me too.

Happy Monday, all!

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