5 for Friday

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1. Today is Luna Bell’s 5th birthday.

2. We celebrated with a good brushing and the fancy wet cat food from Whole Foods.

3. LB got her Dad a bottle of good scotch for his birthday in 10ish days but since it’s been a mother-effing week, I am willing to bet she will choose to give it to him tonight when he gets home. Or before- you just don’t know, that cat is unpredictable.

4. What part of “twinkling” did I miss on the Christmas tree lights box? I strung some on the porch to get this holiday shit started and now I’m going to have a seizure.

5. R and I both have demanding, long hours jobs and then there’s regular life stuff, the awesome and the less than awesome. But this silly little cat can always be counted on to sleep on our pillows, roll & wait to be petted when we walk in the door, give us serious side-eye when her diet doesn’t entire consist of the Florentine Collection and generally yank us out of our people crap by just being funny.

Happy Birthday, LB!

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