Eating my way through this city…

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Having grown up with a big Italian family, I am a huge fan of dinners that last for hours set to the soundtrack of Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra or any sort of jazz.  This past Saturday night, I had the pleasure of devouring this sort of experience at Rose Angelis at 1314 W. Wrightwood Ave.  My recently engaged friends Susie and Brian were in town from Baltimore and were so kind as to invite Ryan and I to join them and their families for dinner.  Rose Angelis is this adorably quaint Italian restaurant at the end of the street I used to live on–one of those places you pass by so often to the point where you feel like you go there all the time but have never actually been inside.  When I say quaint, I mean it–Rose Angelis is an old house.  Nooks and crannies and this loud, laughing buzz to it…even if we had been there on a date with just the two of us, it would have felt like we were at a big family gathering.  We sat on the patio, a fact that my cold natured body completely forgot about with a few glasses of Chianti and a steaming hot bowl of pasta.  I had the homemade spinach ribbon noodles (think little girl’s ruffley hair ribbons), artichokes and the most authentic tasting marinara sauce I’ve had since I’ve been to The Boot.  Ryan got the linguine del mare with an impressive amount of huge shrimp, scallops and other seafood-y wonders.  Since this is the dish I sampled in 7 different cities in Italy, I feel I am the utmost authority of what’s good and what isn’t but boy, Rose Angelis hit the spot with their version–perfect white wine sauce.  Between the delicious food, the group of super friendly people we were with and getting to spend time with my new friends Brian and Susie, it was a fantastic evening.  I can’t wait to bring my parents there–they will totally eat up that authentic Italy, family, stuff yourself with carbs vibe. 🙂

In other news, I’ve decided that the best one of the best things about having a partner/special man friend is food sharing.  If food sharing was an Olympic sport, Ryan and I would at least silver medal.  We have this rhythm to grabbing things off each other’s plates and reviewing the dishes and giving seconds of things we know the other likes.  I dig it (Baby, that’s a hint to not order meat dishes I can’t eat.  Nice choice on the Linguine del Mare.)

High Five of the Day: Baby at Starbucks wearing a purple crocheted hat with a green stem that made her look like an eggplant.  I forget that it’s creepy in the real world to go up to strangers and gush over how cute their children are.  So, I remained seated.  But that baby deserved a big High Five for her choice in accessories today.  Excellence in that category can never start too young.

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