Croissants and Bananas

25 07 2012


This morning I sat on a bench in Lincoln Park with a friend, eating croissants and bananas, drinking coffee. We played with the not-so-little baby feet of her wildly growing boy, discussing very important and very unimportant things. There were fits of laughter and solemn nods when necessary too. Wandering around the Zoo with a purpose that was simultaneously non-existent and very present. It was an early morning catch-up that made me feel more ready to face the day than any cup of coffee I have had this week.

Catching up doesn’t always mean connection. But I want it to, otherwise I am not interested. I am not interested in manufacturing moments, experiences. And the older I get, the more profoundly grateful I am for being able to show up with the people I love, with nothing but everything to say and lay it all on the table. Or in this morning’s case, the park bench.

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