Summer Dinner

15 07 2012


For me, summer dinners mean one of two things: grilling or takeout. Chicago has been bringing the heat this summer and cooking actual food in my actual kitchen feels like it would take a lot of effort. Which sounds miserable. And hot.

However, this right here is a summer meal if I ever saw it. What a novel concept- leave food in its original form. Cut it up. Put it on a plate. Open a bottle of wine. Dinner- voila.

Cherries and cheese from Whole Foods (on sale, might I add), cured meat from L’Appetito, peach bruschetta, Rare Bird Pear-Pinot jelly, crackers and bread. So simple, took 10 minutes to “prepare” and Ryan and I were able to share a meal that didn’t come out of a box or at the expense of him sweating on our porch.

Peach Bruschetta

3 peaches
1 pint golden tomatoes (any tomatoes will work but I die for the heirloom variety this time of year)
Handful of basil
1/2 red onion
Salt and pepper to taste
Balsamic vinegar
Pinch of sugar

Cut everything up. Throw it in a bowl. Dash as much balsamic on everything until you feel happy. Eat with big slices of fresh, crusty bread. The end.

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