Whole Foods Dinner Win!

27 06 2012


For $15.99, we had a darn feast tonight- turkey meatloaf, green beans, salad and Mac & cheese. Without a doubt, it is the cheapest we have ever gotten out of Whole Foods for and it was delicious! We have mused over how we need to try their “Dinner for Two” for months and I am so glad we did. It is so hot out and the idea of making another salad…I just couldn’t bring myself to shuffle around that bar tonight (world class problems, I know). And our meal was all packed up in a bag with a bow on it- now isn’t that nice?

Sidebar: The high-five of the day goes to whoever packed 5 pounds of salad in that small container…seriously, that salad went on for days!

Moral of the story: highly recommend, loved it, feel like we will be doing this way more when things get super busy on weeknights!

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