“Duh” of the Day

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My Dad sent me an email today with a link to WebMD’s list of “Foods You Shouldn’t Feed Your Cat“.  Since I am very interested in keeping Luna Bell alive, I took a look at the article.

I’m sorry, someone with a medical degree wrote this?  You mean that if LB looks like she has a headache, I shouldn’t give her an Advil and a Bloody Mary and tell her to suck it up?  I was waiting to read that LB’s love of carbs was frowned upon, or that Ryan needs to lay off feeding her so much wet cat food.  Alcohol, human medication, liver, onions, garlic and grapes was really all the insight WebMD could provide?

Better head to the kitchen- the kitty dinner I was preparing of wine-braised liver with sauteed onions and garlic and some grapes and Xanax for dessert apparently isn’t going to cut it.  Dry cat foot, it is.

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