Dear New Running Shoes,

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Dear New Running Shoes,

I know it’s time; I figured my days were numbered when my sides started ripping a little and my treads were so worn that they were nearly smooth.  I am sure you are perfectly good shoes, in a brand new, shiny, not a speck of dirt on them sort-of-way.  I know you will do things for Nina that I can’t do anymore, like give her proper support so her knees don’t hurt.  I bet you also do not smell as bad as I do. Let me just give you some insight into your new job.

Nina laces her shoes too tight when she sets out for a run so get used to making a stop about 5 minutes in to do some re-tying.  Her favorite run in on the Lake Front Path so you are in for some spectacular views.  She’s also a pretty friendly runner so you’ll be saying hi to lots of shoes that are running past- work on your “I’m doing my job but how-do-ya-do” smile.

Keep in mind that you are in Chicago so while some runs will be on impossibly beautiful days, just as many will be cold and filled with puddles.  Oh and about the puddles- sometimes, Nina thinks that running makes her rugged and hardcore.  This leads to giving no regard to tromping you through mud or puddles.  Don’t worry- she is not actually rugged (at all) so you will get cleaned up right when you get home so that dirt doesn’t get in the apartment and so you look nice for the next run.

You’re in a pretty important position because you get to be a part of the days when Nina has great runs (high five!) but also the days when pounding the pavement is the last thing she wants to do.  You’re both working toward some fun races this summer and the Big Kahuna in October.  Be good to each other and don’t forget- I’m in the back of the closet if she goes all crazy and decides to do one of those Mud Buddy races.  No need to dirty you up for that.


Nina’s Old Running Shoes


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