Happy Birthday: Luna Bell Edition

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Dear Luna Bell,

You are 3 years old today and in the 3 years we have been buddies, I can truly say that you are one of the very best decisions I have ever made.

When you were a kitty and it was just you and me in Grand Rapids, you cuddled up every night in the nook between my neck and shoulder.  I bet that’s why you still sleep on the top of our pillow (Ryan’s pillow, if we’re being honest).  You just have to be near us and we like that very much.

You were such a trouper in the U-Haul during the move to Chicago 2 years ago.  Even though you probably knew I didn’t have any business driving a 16foot anything, you crossed your little paws and didn’t even meow.  You were also very good when you took your first cab ride when we moved downtown a few months ago.  If you could talk, I think in your little meow voice you would have informed the cab driver that there was a lady present and to drive safely.

Remember a few weeks ago when we sat in the hallway with a stack of magazines to read while we waiting for the Trick or Treaters?  And how you chased that little Tinker Bell who (in all fairness) looked like a large, fuzzy toy?  That was fun.

You sit on things I’m trying to read (see above picture), you sprint to the rug to roll exactly 3 times when we walk in the front door (see below) and nothing makes me giggle more than coming into the living room at night and seeing you looking out the window, with your head going back and forth, watching the cars on Lakeshore Drive go by.   You are a city kitty and a very important part of my family.

So thank you, Luna Bell, for weaseling your little furry self into my life during a time when I really needed a friend and for spider-jumping your way into our hearts.  Secretly, I’m worried I’m not going to like my kids as much as I like you because you’re really funny and cool.  But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.   And when we do, please don’t bite their little toes (don’t act like you didn’t take a chomp out of Ryan’s the other morning).






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