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Title: my lame attempt at combining the words “marathon” and “blogging”.

I apologize for the million posts about the marathon but with 10.10.10 being T-minus 6 days away, I have a pretty one-track mind right now.

Today, I met the bloggette behind Vegan by Valerie.  Formerly, Valerie has shifted the focus of her weblog to her passion for veganism while still blogging frequently about training for her 4th marathon.  Simply hearing that the 2010 Chicago Marathon will be her 4th was impeccably good news for me- someone I have actually met has run one of these AND still thought it was a good idea to keep running.  Helped quell my anxiety a bit.

Since she was super sweet, I checked out her blog when I got home tonight.  She must have known about my recent obsession with jicama because her latest post was a recipe for Jicama and Carrot Slaw with Mango Dressing and Avocado!  Delightful.  I really like how her blog blends vegan love with running, yoga and overall healthy living.  Especially loving on her post “Just Run”.

I’ve had my blog for a little over a year now and I am just becoming aware of what a community blogging is.  And how many wildly creative, and might I add hilarious, titles there are out there!  I totally regret not calling my blog “Seriously, You’re Taking My Bagels?!?” or “Save The Date For Cupcakes“.  And, I totally, definitely regret that my table doesn’t look like this everyday:

I mean, shut the front door SaveTheDateForCupcakes- now I want Gummi Worm Shooters and Mini Caramel Candied Pears Infused with Peach Honey Sticks at my Halloween party!  Simply gorgeous.

A quick Google search for Chicago Marathon Bloggers came up with about 307,000 results (or at least that’s what Google could muster in .19 seconds).  There’s a kid w ho has run 17 Marathons, a guy who compiled selected blog posts from last year’s race, one who wrote a funny and really true post about being a Jekyll and Hyde runner.  Super inspiring, powerful stuff- why didn’t I think to read this stuff during my training, when I needed all the inspiration and motivation I could get?  You live and you learn, I guess.

Moral of the story: there is a blog for every topic under the sun and when one is taking on running 26.2 miles, one might consider reading one of said marathon blogs.  Ahem, Nina.

In other news, the Go Go Green 5k is coming up on October 23rd.  It’s an eco-friendly race designed to raise awareness about our urban ecosystem.  Recycling, running, Lincoln Park…what’s not to love?

It is truly, without a doubt, go lace up your shoes right this second, fall running season.

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