Little Blue

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It’s official: I am getting old.

When a slip of paper arrived under my front door that said I had a package waiting for me, I raced downstairs, certain the package I had been expecting for 5 days had finally arrived.

My Bissell Power Force.

I bit the bullet and bought a vacuum, like the big girl that I apparently am.  It began like this:

I hate putting things together but I always feel such a sense of accomplishment of finishing the work of people way more technical than I, so I sat down with my sparkling water and went to it.  And finished with this:

I had always heard (from who though, really?  Who spends time talking about vacuums?) that you have to buy the uber expensive Dyson vacuums if you want a good one.  But $800 on  a vacuum is…I have no words for what I think that is.  But Little Blue, as the new Bissell will now be called, was $39 and it works like a charm.  My rug that was covered in Luna Bell is now super bright and clean and my carpet has those little lines.  Win.

I’m going to go do something really cool and young now because this was way too much excitement for a darn vacuum.

High Five of the Day: Holly the Herlein for setting some seriously powerful, radical goals.  Way to go, Friend!

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  1. Holly H.

    I hope you ate Spaghetti-Os and watched Finding Nemo after this blog post, just to bring your average age of today down to a normal level.

    Thanks for the shout out! You inspired me to write them!

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