Deeply Freezing

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Winter is in full force and, according to the Chicago Tribune, it is not letting up in the foreseeable future.  For the next week, we’re talking a high of 12.  Yesterday was just bitter, bitter cold.  I used to love that I worked where Michigan Ave meets Lakeshore Drive because of the awesome view of Lake Michigan but I am learning that it also means that awesome view provides a straight shot of Lake Michigan’s gusting winds.  Ugh.  I was almost blown over yesterday.

During a New Year’s Day round of Apples to Apples, my buddy Matt was talking about how cool it would be to be able to walk into a different season when you wanted, like head down the street if you wanted to surf or in another direction if you wanted to go skiing.  I would definitely spend a majority of my time in Fall.  Especially those amazing weeks when you can still go outside in a light jacket and the autumnal sun is that orangey-gold color.  That being said, I’ve been really enjoying the purpose winter serves.  I feel like the cold weather really slows me down and forces me to reflect.  Or at least clean my closet.  Let’s be serious–Chicago is just at the beginning of winter, I have months and months ahead of me to be stuck inside and goodness knows, I’m going need something to do.  I see lots of soup, hot tea, reading books I’ve been meaning to read for months,  and snuggling up with LB and my new blanket.

What is the season YOU would like to walk over to today?

High Five of the Day: Jim Noodle is a Thai restaurant/take-out place right by Ryan’s apartment that we go to more often that we should probably admit.  It’s so fast, so good and so close.  And Jim is the sweetest guy.  On New Year’s Day he gave me an orange with my order.  Bringing an orange into your home on New Year’s Day is symbolic of bringing in good luck.  Thanks, Jim Noodle.

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